“I had back pain, which went into my leg. Dr. Norris found the cause of the problem and within three treatments the pain was gone!”
- Mary H., Lancaster

“The pain in my neck was unbearable. I tried everything from medication to therapy and nothing got rid of the pain. Finally a friend told me about Dr. Norris. Now the pain is gone and I’m so grateful.”
- Bob J., Palmdale

“I was in a car accident and I saw Dr. Norris. He helped me get back to my normal self. Thanks.”
- Theresa R., Rosemond

“I bring my whole family to Dr. Norris. Because of chiropractic care my kids are healthier then most of their friends.”
- Linda T., Lancaster

“I get headaches every once in a while. Seeing Dr. Norris for treatment always helps. Why suffer? I recommend that if you have headaches… call him.”
- Tom L., Quartz Hill

“While working I injured my back and leg. The company doctor only wanted to give me drugs and send me back to work. I saw Dr. Norris and after a few weeks of treatment I was back to work."
- Sid S., Lancaster

“My business is very busy. At Norris Chiropractic I never have to wait very long. I’m in and out quickly. That saves me time and money. Thanks Dr. Norris.”
- Michelle R., Mojave

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